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At Simon de Senlis we hold an unconditional positive regard for children and high expectations for the behaviour of everyone at our school. We strive to be a safe, happy, successful community where individuals are welcomed, accepted and equally valued. Positive behaviour allows for a focus on learning and success in all areas of the curriculum and school life.  Children have the right to learn in a classroom free from disruptive behaviour and in an atmosphere in which their self-esteem can flourish.

 All adults in school should be good role models to children and enable positive behaviour in our community. Staff at Simon de Senlis share an understanding of the language, non-verbal communication and consistent approaches we use to manage learner’s behaviour. Through focused teaching and consistent reminders, our intention is that children should ultimately assume responsibility for their own actions and be able to self-regulate their behaviours.

 For more information, you can read our Positive Behaviour Policy, click here to be redirected to our policies page.


Approach to Bullying

We have simple message at Simon de Senlis which is as follows:

'We do not tolerate bullying.' 

 Children are taught how to recognise bullying and to play their part in ensuring that, where it occurs, it stops quickly.  Our school community uses the acronym 'STOP' to remember the following approach:

Several Times On Purpose, Start Telling Other People.

For more details on our approach to bullying, please read our Anti-Bullying Policy, click here to be redirected to our policies page.